Real Benefits of Berry Seed Oils

Berry seed oils especially strawberry, raspberry & blackberry seed oils are very popular in the world of cosmetics; from skin moisturizers to hair shampoos & conditioners, you’ll be sure to find them in the ingredients list of many well-known beauty products. But why exactly are berry seed oils so common in cosmetics and why are they used so frequently? Well, besides being an inexpensive byproduct of the fruit industry and serving as a wonderful & delicious aromatic to many hair care products, there is a significant amount of scientific evidence that shows that the inclusion of berry seed oils in cosmetics is a lot more than just “marketing fluff”.

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Fatty Acids that can Make You More Beautiful

To start with, let’s briefly discuss what berry seed oils are composed of, and identify which
chemicals are beneficial to further beautify ourselves. Out of all the different chemicals
contained in berry seed oils fatty acids happen to be the most plentiful and most active
ingredient in berry seed oils (1). Fatty acids are a type of Molecule called macromolecules
that our bodies use for managing and regulating the different functions of our cells
including its’ metabolism, structure, and how it communicates with other cells.(1) Now, for
the purpose of this article let’s discuss two specific types of fatty acids found in berry seed
oils that can contribute to making us more beautiful. The two acids we’ll continue
discussing are called: Linoleic Acid & Ellagic Acid. Warning: As you continue reading be
ready to travel back in time to your high-school chemistry and biology classes, and expect
to fall asleep even though a ‘beauty sleep’ is also another health benefit for all of us.

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